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Commission INFO
Please view here:…


Thank you so much for your patience  
I'm so sorry for my lateness
_|¯|O {...)

Watercolor Commission - CLOSED

CG Commission - CLOSED


Thanks a lot for your support :heart:



Because I have not had any free time to make a Tut yet, I'm going to do FAQ first. Incase you have anything to ask about my work, please post your questions here, I will answer asap.

Thank you all.


What programs do you use for digital art?
I'm only using Photoshop CS3 so far with my Genius tablet, also use just default brushes, nothing special.

What materials do you use for traditional art?
I do sketches and lineart by mechanical pencil, then color them with Leningrad watercolor.
Paper: Watercolor paper 300gsm CAMPAP/Daler Rowney

How do you manage to keep the watercolours staying so vibrant and manage go achieve such fine detail? It's a problem I've been having for a while now (trying not to wash the colours too much without making the paper crease)?
It doesn't only depend on your skill but also the color and your paper. You should use a kind of paper that is made for watercolor. They are thick enough so they won't be crease when you use a lot of dilute color.
And you should wait patiently with watercolor also. If it's not for some wet effects, I usually have to wait till it's dry entirely before adding another layer.

How do you usually fight an art block?
Relax and wait patiently. Do something to make myself more emo haha-

How long have you been drawing?
About 8 years.

Do you have some sort formal art training or are you self taught?
I'm studying 3rd year at HCM fineart university, before that I learnt by myself and from friends.

What do you struggle with the most in terms of drawing and coloring?
huhm- maybe anatomy and lay-out.

What do you do to improve your anatomy? if it's books, can you recommend a few?
Of course it's good when you learn from books but I usually use my time for observing real human bodies and sketch their motions. I find it easier that way.

What's the longest time you've spent on a certain artwork?
Don't really know. About 17~18 hours maybe.

Did you study color theory? How do you get ideas for your drawings?
Yea I learnt basic theory.
Ideas of my drawings come from everything and everyone around me. A quote/ a film/ a song/ a friend/ a street/ ect. I start to sketch whenever I find something interesting.

What colors do you use for your skin tones?
Normal skin color for CG works. With watercolor, I often use light brown/ red orange with a lot of water/ layers.

Coloring Contest II Result

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 8:26 AM

+++ W i n n e r s +++

1st Place

Winter Smile Colouring by martinacecilia
by martinacecilia

A detailed Watercolor Bookmark 6x18 cm (shipped in person)

2nd Place

Winter Smile by Juriahanna
by Juriahanna

3 Months DA Premium Membership

3rd Places

by Anako-ART

by KellyNg

A Deviantart Postcard of your choice


Please view another lovely Entries here:…
Thanks so much for your time :heart:


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Coloring Contest II (Closed)

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 14, 2010, 7:22 PM


Please come back after 5 days for the Result :blowkiss:


Yes this is my second little coloring contest :blowkiss:

Here's the lineart for this time

:snowflake:Winter Smile by Dark134:snowflake:


Feel free to use any color schemes you like, traditional or digital (even be both),
as well as your own additional patterns in her hat and scarf :heart:

P r i z e s

1st Place - A detailed Watercolor Bookmark 6x18 cm (shipped in person)
2nd Place - 3 Months DA Premium Membership
3rd Place - A Deviantart Postcard of your choice

D e a d l i n e

February 14 2010

Note me with the topic CONTEST ENTRY and the link to your entry
Please do not upload it elsewhere without crediting and a link back to the Contest.


Please have fun


winter smile contest entry by Drowning-ComicMerry Christmas 2009 by wiccimmwinter smile by KimmikoWinter coloring contest by helin666:thumb147344898:Winter Smile Colouring by martinacecilia:thumb147415302:Winter Smile by winterfingers:thumb147488686:Winter smile contest entry by CBay:thumb147490565:Winter Smile Entry by Rain-of-Strife17Winter Smile- Contest by Oki-ki:thumb147556595:Winter Smile by Dark134 by BrokenThunder:thumb147611374:Winter smile by MPrainSnow Dreams by NhaomiArtwinter smile contest by chaBomb21Winter Smile - Contest by TirouxA Little Miracle by BlueDemon13Winter Smile Color Contest. by TheSomedaysDreamerDreams by andrislolitaWinter Smile by jordanmksColoring Contest ll by jingdeathWinter smile by Kot-ya:thumb148055047:winter smile colored by wind-hime-kazeWinter Smile- Dark134 by ShinkonoKokoro:thumb148377861:Winter Smile by cat-in-the-junkColouring contest:Winter Smile by yeweiguang:thumb148577840::thumb148599924:Winter Smile by JuriahannaWinter Smile by TakulottWinter Smile by diogenesDark134's Coloring Contest by midnightc10Winter coloring contest entry by LorythmeWinter Smile contest by Darkenmarrcoloring contest by handewacoloring contest2 by handewacoloring contest3 by handewaWinter Smile contest entry by AliasMyselfwinter smile by MsLetterWinter Smile by ars-aeternastContest : winter smile by moesukeWinter Smile Contest Entry :D by Auruka-SunshineLost in thought by azlio:thumb150694797:Winter smile by MaevezanarDerivative 002: Winter Smile by glsoloCC - Dark134 - Winter Smile I by blue-angel-foreverCC - Dark134 - Winter Smile II by blue-angel-forever:thumb151514523:Coloring Contest II Dark 134 by geraldusWarm Coldness by DanghieuWinter Smile - colored by mili-piliWhite Christmas by Sprucie:thumb152450618::thumb152509520::thumb152535923:Winter smile by Nhan-SnakeXWinter Smile by Dark134 by NireLeetsac:thumb153324391:Dark134 by Starsnarudark134 COLORING CONTEST by Zero-TrigealWinter Smile ENTRY by HanaTenshiHimekoWarm smille by ajilWinter Smile by PoEvilWinter Smile by Kai-Yandark134 COLORING CONTEST by Hirooyuukicoloring contest Dark134 by 5stringers:thumb153887444:Winter Smile by sachiriku:thumb153912623:Winter Smile by DiiaRcoloring contest II entry by Nokomento:thumb154051462:coloring contest: Winter smile by cos22:thumb154110499::thumb154142592:


My Commission Info:…

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Commission Update

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 11, 2009, 6:16 PM


Full watercolor Commission

Character + Background
(Not simple BG but not too detailed)

-The price is not included shipping fee-
(+20$ for the really detailed BG)
Max characters is three
for 2nd character
for 3rd character

(+25$ for the really detailed BG)
Max character is two
for 2nd character

*Payment: Paypal/ Bank transfer*
I won't do Robot/Animal
You can ask a no-background or simple background one for lower price
Please send me a note if you're interested.

CG Commission

My CG commission informations here:…
Please send me a note if you're interested in my works


Pencil Commission
25$ - one Character
Plus Simple Flat Colour(CG) +10$

*** Payment: Paypal ***

If you have interest please send me a note /_\


Thank you so much for your support :heart::heart::heart:


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Sketch Commission

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 3, 2009, 6:35 PM

ó_ò -(...)


Plus Simple Flat Colour(CG) +5$
*Double price for plusing one more character*

*** Payment: Paypal only***
Note: Only Sketch commissions can be paid through Paypal please ;_;

If you have interest please send me a note /_


Done - done

1.cos22 PAID done
3.spectrosity PAID done
4.Jiaotu PAID


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Journal Entry: Sat Jan 3, 2009, 6:05 AM

Hi there!

I've just arrived home today. I'll upload some sketches I did during the trip, I really love that place.

Thank you so much for +favs and comments when I'm absent :heart:

Happy new year again!


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Updates for Christmas

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2008, 2:14 PM

Official Elf - STAMP by santas-workshop
:xmas: SANTA's Mailbox  is  OPENING :xmas:
C l i c k

to read and send your
:heart: Letter :heart:

Dear secret :santa:

I want a beautiful Daisy with green eyes for my Christmas gift
Please grant my wish ♥

:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

I have a few works that I hope I can finish before Christmas and my poor tablet is broking D:


Oh sh**... my vocabulary 's so damn poor

Thank you all so much for your support.
That means so much to me ;_;




Commission updates

Commission Info(Closed)

NepherimCrystal _____ FINISHED
Hosuni _____ FINISHED
friends4ever1221 _____ FINISHED
melem _____ FINISHED
crownwaltz _____ FINISHED

+ Slot 1:  -C l o s e d-
+ Slot 2:  -C l o s e d-
+ Slot 3:  -C l o s e d-

*Feel free to ask for a WIP*

Recent Favourites

Madame Peacock by Claparo-SansCloud Shower by Kaze-Himefan art of SAILOR MOON by k-BOSE
Lazy Rainy Day by Claparo-Sans:thumb102294733:

More Contest

If you want to put your Contest's link here, feel free to note me (:

    Draw original Characters  from angel-wolfmaiden
Prizes: Sub DA + Free Commissions - Deadline: December 08 ~ January 09

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Contest Result

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2008, 9:09 PM

+ R e s u l t +
Details and Entries


* Best Entries *

sissy20021  Lavah  anikakinka

Dark134 coloring contest by sissy20021 coloring contest by Lavah Fireball by anikakinka


One bookmark with any character you want
your address's required so I can send it to you


One full CG single Character with simple BG
if you don't want to share your address

* Lovely Entries *

kheleksul R0YALBL00D Yintaro
kittyx3 Aka-Shiro

CONTEST- Dark 134 by kheleksul :thumb99341641: baseball time by Yintaro
Baseball Practice by kittyx3 Contest - Dark134 by Aka-Shiro


One full CG Chibi Character no BG

It's very hard for me with to choose the winners. I'm so speechless, 52 entries total, you all are so lovely, I appreciate it so much. I hope you had fun with it even a little.
Thanks with heart :heart:

See you around.
I'm sending the notes right now (:



Commission Informations
>>>… <<<


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Journal Entry: Wed Sep 3, 2008, 7:24 AM
Hungry Artist by emmil

I'm using Photoshop software at the moment. Price will depends on the complicacy of the image.



P r i c e   D e t a i l s

+ Full body Chibi +


Black Moon by Dark134Melissa Selafi Nendoroid by Dark134


Simple BG - Free

+ Waist-up +


Evening by Dark134Shiny Move by Dark134

85$ ~100$

Simple BG +10$
Detailed BG +40$ ~ 50$
+65$ for plusing one more character

+ Full-body +


Murdoc by Dark134 Say hi by Dark134
Silent Blue by Dark134 Alone in Room by Dark134

135$ - 155$

Simple BG +10$
Detail BG +60$ ~75$
+100$ for plusing one more character

***The character is limited up to 3***


*  I accept any further offer, but there's a thing is that i'm still in practicing. For example you order some professional BG scenes like a city with buildings, or a storm, or a ship..., I will be so much grateful for giving me a chance to practice. I will do my best but please prepare that the result may not be the same as what you have been expected entirely.

* I won't do robot/ animal.

* When I finish, you will receive a picture with fullsize (resolution 300dpi). I have a right to upload it on my website/my Gallery but if that is your original characters, I won't use it to make any profit without permission, and the character credit is belonged to you totally, you may use it for everything but only NON-PROFITING purposes please. Please don't wipe my sign on the picture.


If you have interested in my art, please send me a Note :heart:

:heart: Thanks you all and have you a nice day :heart:


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Coloring Contest

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 26, 2008, 10:01 PM
Let's start one small coloring contest for fun


I give you the lineart here

>>>Lineart by Dark134<<<

Feel free to use any color schemes you like :heart:


There's no 1st/2nd or 3rd place
I will choose 3 best entries
hope it will have more than 3 entries ha ha... ;_;
and give you

One bookmark with any character you want
your address's required so I can send it to you


One full CG pic with simple BG if you don't want to share your address

Sorry I cannot buy you a sub huhu...


October 1 2008

Note me with the topic CONTEST ENTRY and the link to your entry :heart:
Please do not upload it elsewhere without crediting and a link back to the Contest.


Please have fun


Dark134 Colouring Contest by Areyouonfireyet Dark134's CONTEST ENTRY by YuuAbyss Contest_Say Hi by Star-Dreamer12 Dark's cooring contest by GDowe all star baby Lines by Dark134 by sarrahfm red base ball girl by papa-curry Dark134 Contest Entry by Thaelis :thumb97782406: Summer Days by ryuuha :thumb98225766: :thumb98513130: :thumb98531021: dark134 contest by shiromaki Contest by EarthsSaviorSonGoku Dark134 Contest entry by Fate-Blitz Dark134 coloring contest entry by Nokomento CONTEST- Dark 134 by kheleksul Dark134 Contest by mayamei La Sultanita by Kerivan Strikers by Girutea :thumb99027826: Fireball by anikakinka Contest - Dark134 by Aka-Shiro :thumb99090175: Baseball by sebeka :thumb99133523: :thumb99136671: Support_all_the_way by Keishizu Dark134 coloring contest by sissy20021 Colouring contest by CoralineCaroline coloring contest by Lavah Contest Dark134 by Papillon-Nwuar :thumb99341641: :thumb99336636: :thumb99395476: baseball time by Yintaro
Dark134 vs SRS by StudioRisingStar Contest Entry by LeMitiko Comission :Dark134: outline by yukini :thumb99475267: :thumb99486759: Baseball Practice by kittyx3 Dark134 Coloring Contest WIP by Ravenwolf89 Batter UP by Amilee Dark134 -Contest Entry- by PetKit…



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